Volkswagen R32

Volkswagen has been making family cars since many years. The brand is well known for manufacturing great quality cars. Volkswagen R32 has been introduced to the market in the year 2010. Initially it was only launched in Germany. Later the company started the manufacture of the particular model in various parts of the world. This particular car model can be called an ideal hatchback. The features which made the perfection of the Volkswagen R32 so accurate are because of the combination of power, style and handling. The Volkswagen R32 car has got all the necessary features that a perfect hatchback must have and an individual can get this particular within a very affordable price. During the time launch the car was huge success. But in the beginning of 2011, the company declarVolkswagen R32ed that it time for bit change and up gradation of the particular model of Volkswagen R32.

The new upgraded version of the Volkswagen R32 was launched first at Frankfurt. This particular model is said to be one of the top selling models that has been manufactured by this particular brand of Volkswagen R32. It is an ideal family car with lots of power. The particular vehicle has got great control. It is suitable for all kinds of roads. The company has launched the new version with 4 wheel drive. The 4 wheel drive allows rotating all the four wheels at the same. This particular feature helps the Volkswagen R32 to move in tough and inclined surfaces. 2.0 liter TSI engine has been given to the particular vehicle which is the main reason behind the power of this car. 265 horsepower output is supplied by this particular TSI engine. The car accelerates from 0 to 60km/hr speed within 4 to 5 seconds the car has got the top speed of 160km/hr. a very good suspension system has been given to the particular model which helps to deliver comfort during the time of the car ride. Though the car been manufactured with a very powerful engine capacity yet the particular model is said to be a very fuel efficient car. The company claims the mileage of 20 kilometers per liter of petrol. The new models of Volkswagen R32 are available in both diesel and petrol engines. A special sport model of the car has been also introduced in the market recently. The model has quite a lot of demand all over the world, especially in the Asian countries. In the previous edition of the model, 16 inch brake was given. But, in the new edition of Volkswagen R32, the company has given 17inch brake which increases the braking system of the particular car. Standard 18inches wheel are given to the model but, an option is also there to change the wheel to 19inches. An aggressive hood style has been given to the model.

Volkswagen R32 has got an excellent interior feature. Lots of inner space is given in the particular model. In the rear seat 3 adult people can fit easily. The car has also got enough leg space. The car is available in almost all types of metallic colors. The popular colors of the particular Volkswagen R32 model are white, red, black and blue. If an individual is looking for a good hatchback car then, this particular model is ideal for him or her.


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